How Pretty n Pink uses money  
The money raised by the charity is used to help breast cancer patients and their families in Northern Ireland as we work closely with the social work team in the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre at the City Hospital and further afield.  
Pretty n Pink funds have been used in the following ways to help breast cancer patients in Northern Ireland: 
We helped with travel costs so a patient didn't have to depend on family providing transport.  
• We helped with travel costs so a patient didn't have to endure long journeys with hospital transport, in this case the patient met us half way with the costs. 
• A patient was conscious of the housework demands on her daughters so she sought help and the charity was able to provide help from a private cleaning firm.  
• We offered money to a patient for a weekend break who had been diagnosed with cancer to alleviate the stress of a new diagnosis.  
• Same offer applied to a single mum and her 12 year old son so they could spend quality time together following chemotherapy.  
• We provided funds to a patient who lived too far away to receive complementary therapy at Macmillan or Action Cancer. This made it possible for the patient to receive treatment closer to home.  
• A woman who had worked as a nurse found it hard to adjust to a reduced income we provided some financial support to the family while she waited a resolution to her benefits claims.  
• We offered a respite break to a couple so they could escape the pressures of family life while undergoing treatment. 
Many other families have benefited from respite breaks, cookery courses, funds for a social evening with family and friends and helped out of financial difficulty.  
As a charity we have the freedom to be creative with the money raised and we can help patients in the best way we can. We have the ability to create memories and happy times and to take patients minds of their diagnosis even if it is only for a few hours. We do our best to help and assist breast cancer patients throughout Northern Ireland, if you need help and support please get in contact with us now, please click here for details.  
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