This page highlights how Pretty n Pink has helped breast cancer patients throughout Northern Ireland. These stories illustrate how donations to Pretty n Pink are distributed to those who are in need of assistance. 
This wonderful contribution towards obtaining my Open University degree covered two modules I had to have before being considered for future financial support from the university. 
It has made a great difference to my life. I have experienced a great number of difficulties and traumatic events over the past few years. Studying from home with the Open University became a life-line. It enables me to keep a structure to my life, stronger purpose, and a sense of achievement which is so important when I felt my life was full of negative things. 
I am extremely grateful and feel very lucky to have this opportunity open to me again; I had just about given up on finding a way to study at home. 
I have used this money as part payment of a demand from the Inland Revenue for an under payment of income tax. Words cannot express my gratitude to Noleen and all involved with Friends of the cancer centre and Pretty n Pink. I have been so worried about paying the tax bill I received, knowing I just couldn't do it. This is such a relief again, I am so grateful. 
I have found the re-occurrence of my Breast cancer obviously very difficult to come to terms with and added to that financial worries have made life very difficult when I mentioned the unexpected tax bill I was at my wits end, thanks to Pretty n Pink I am greatly relieved to be able to pay the bill. 
Words cannot truly reflect the support and advice Pretty n Pink made to me at a very difficult time. The NIE bill was a real concern as already in serious debt as had been carer before patient and had little or no financial support. I had exhausted savings and borrowing and was at breaking point when the lady I called was Margaret Browne who offered emotional and practical support and advice including submitting a recommendation to Pretty n Pink. 
Financial stress and worry while a patient and/or carer is an area which requires review. Advocates and specialist personnel are rare and hard to find. Pretty n Pinks flexibility and speed of payment was a first step in a long journey from financial to emotional recovery. I cannot thank Margaret and Noleen enough. 
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