Family and Breast Cancer 
More and more women are making the decision to have genetic testing done. Maybe there is someone in the family who has been diagnosed with the disease or like me no one else in the family has it so it is for curiosity to find out why you have breast cancer? 
If you discover that you carry one of these gene abnormalities, sit down with your doctor and evaluate the information within the context of your family history and how it will affect you. 
This can be a very long process so you may not find the results out for years. There are two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2 that can be linked to hereditary conditions; there is one other gene TP53 gene which is unique. You will be tested for all three of them. All it takes is one blood test and then the wait for the results.  
An inherited breast cancer gene abnormality is more likely to be present if: 
• Women in your family have had breast cancer, particularly at a young age or involving both breasts.  
• There is both breast and ovarian cancer in your family.  
• Men in your family have had breast cancer. 
If you do have a gene abnormality it has probably increased your risk of getting breast cancer. Although so far I have had all the genetic tests and they have come back clear, So you don’t have to have a gene abnormality to get breast cancer. 
There are many decisions a woman has to make depending on the results of Genetic testing. So make sure you discuss all the options available with your GP or oncologist for preventative measures or in the event of diagnosis regarding yourself or others. 
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