Noleen's Story 
To many the name Noleen Adair is not instantly recognisable, yet to hundreds of women who have been affected by cancer across the province, Noleen Adair is an inspiration.  
Noleen established the breast cancer charity, Pretty n Pink over seven years ago. Now at just 35 years of age, she has battled the disease numerous times, aged 22,25 and in 2008 she was diagnosed with liver metastases and 2009 lung metastases and has been receiving treatment ever since. After her second battle, Noleen began to foster children and became legal guardian to Caroline, aged 14 in Nov 05.  
Pretty n Pink was established because Noleen was so young when she diagnosed and wanted to raise awareness as more and more young women are being diagnosed. She managed to find the strength to sky dive, complete challenging treks and working with Friends of the Cancer Centre donated money to help women and families who are not in a position to buy wigs, homeopathic treatments, childcare, transportation to hospital or have a memorable family day out. In just seven years the charity raised a staggering £500k whilst being sick for the majority of the time, but her determination and mental strength is truly inspiring
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